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Phrasal Verbs in Hindi

30+ Phrasal Verbs in Hindi with examples.

30+ Phrasal Verbs that boost your English fantastically , with examples sentences and meaning as well in Hindi. It can take English next level.

Grammar and words vocabulary play important role in shaping your English like a native speakers.

Phrasal Verbs

1. Run into – किसी से संयोग से मिलना 

Have you seen Riya? Yes, yesterday I ran into her in the party.

2. Run out of – खत्म होना  

Can you give me your hotspot, I am running out of my data.

3. Take up – कुछ करना/ शुरू करना 

I have taken up my family business.

4. Keep up – कुछ करते रहना

You have done a great job. Keep it up!

5. Head out – कहीं से निकलना/जाना 

They are heading out of the university.

6. Hang out – किसी के साथ समय बिताना  

Yesterday night we were hanging out in a famous restaurant with our friends.

7. Hand in – जमा करना 

I have decided to hand in my resignation letter.

Phrasal Verbs in Hindi

8. Hand around – कुछ बांटना 

He was handling around the sweets among slum kids.

9. Put away – हटाना 

Put that medicine away from children’s reach.

10. Throw away – फेंकना 

He was throwing away the net into the river.

11. Wipe out – मिटा देना 

You can’t wipe out the past experience.

12. Keep up with – साथ साथ रहना/ चलना  

Keep up with your father in the crowd.

13. Fall for – विश्वास कर लेना 

Do not fall for his tricks.

14. Get back – वापस आना/लौटना 

When they didn’t get any work, they got back to their villages..

15. Back out – अपनी बात से मुकरना 

You can’t back out your promise that you made.

16. Cut in – बीच में टोकना 

When elders are talking, you should not cut in.

 17. Stand by – साथ निभाना 

Whenever I am in trouble my best friend always stands by me

18. Turn against – ख़िलाफ़ होना 

My friend turned against me..

19. Stick to  – एक ही बात पर डटे रहना 

Once you decide stick to your plan.

20. Dispose of – छुटकारा पाना/ बेचना 

How can we dispose of dengu disease?

21. Run after – पीछे दौड़ना 

Why are you running after money?

22. Let down – निराशा करना 

I will never let my parents

23. Cut down – कम करना 

How to cut down sugar level in our body?

24. Hang up – फोन रखना/ टांगना

I am going to hang up phone.

25. Put together – इकट्ठा करना 

Put your all ideas together to create a nice story.

26. Run over – गाड़ी के नीचे आना 

The puppy was run over by the car.

27. Freak out – घबराना 

He freak out of danger.

28. Figure out – समझना 

How to figure out Phrasal Verbs in English?

29. Turn down –  अस्वीकार करना 

She turned down marriage proposal.

30. Stand out – अलग से दिखना 

Her beauty makes her stand out of the crowd.

31. Mess up – बिगाड़ देना 

Why have you messed up the room?

32. Patch up –  रिश्ते को सुलझाना 

After the break up, they again patched up their relationship.

33. Bump into – अचानक मिलना 

I bumped into an old friend of mine.


These are the common and most frequently used Phrasal Verbs in our daily life. I have given Example sentences as well so as to understand its meaning properly. I hope , you would like this and take full advantage of this 30 + Phrasal Verbs in Hindi.

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