About Us

The author Mohammad Kalim has a sound knowledge of English language.
After his graduation from Ranchi University. He went ahead for further to accomplish his master degree in English. Kalim has started his career as teacher and a training course in special English. then he has begun blogging as his hobby in 2020.

Mohammad Kalim

FOUNDER of this
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To learn any language requires four basic skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. To understand what is written, we should read the content and to express, speaking is also necessary. Listening plays an important role for those who really want to gain mastery. Generally it is said that the person that can write in English, can also be ‘fluent’ in speaking English. But it’s absolutely not true because the spoken English is totally different from written English. People find themselves ‘tongue-tied’ when it comes to speaking fluently.

Our mission

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The blog ‘Easy English with Kalim’ has been created in order to meet the requirements of all the individuals who wish to speak English correctly and fluently and to excel in their areas of profession.
In this website, you will find many topics being covered up to enhance readers speaking skills with special emphasis on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

What we do

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Our focus largely  is on building vocabularies. There are about a half million words in the Oxford English Dictionary

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We discuss how to learn new words ?

Teaching new words is a serious task. We give a lots of our time to provide the meaning of difficult words.

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Dealing English in mother-tongue

The most popular method of teaching new words is to explain their meaning in mother-tongue

easy english with kalim
Simplicity is the best to learn anything

The simpler words with simple spelling and simple pronunciation is taught first so as to grasp it quickly.

If you have any query regarding English
feel free to reach out to us.
we would sure to come forward to help you