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Topics for discussion

50+ Topics for discussion

50+ Useful topics for discussion. If you want to improve your English speaking skills, you will have to take part in speaking activities. If you have completed your Tenses and model Verbs and some important of idiom and phrases , now time has come to speak beyond your reach.


1. Educational topics for discussion

1. What should s student do in his or her student life ?

2. Importance of female education in India?

3. A man is an animal without education

4.. Education are the windows to.see this would, how ?

5. Difference between a school student or a collage student

6. My sweet memories of my school life

7.  My favourite school teacher

8. What are the duties of a good student?

9. Why are exams necessary in school?

10. My school sports day

11. My annual day function in my school

2. Entertainment topics for discussion

1. What do you like to do in your free time?

3. What is your favourite sports?

4. The movie that inspires me a lot…..

5. I don’t like the person who …..

6. Who is my ideal person, why ?

7. Which is more popular football or cricket?

8. Why IPL is so famous in India?

9. My childhood games

10. What are the outdoor games we played in childhood?

3. Personal topics

1. Your favourite animal

2. My sweet home

3. Your servant

4. Your best friend

5. Your family

6. Your neighbour

7. Your daily routine

8. Your parents

9. Your aim in life

10. Your favourite city

11. Your village

12. Your country

4. School life

1. The first day of my school

2. Your school principal

3. Your class teacher

4. Your school hostel

5. Your school library

6. Your school function

7. Your school picnic

5. Biographycal

1. Mahatma Gandhi

2. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

3. Indira Gandhi

4. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

5. Dr. Zakir Hussain


7. Mother Teresa

8. Rabindra nath tagore

6. Indian Festivals

1. Eid

2. Durga Puja

3. Holi

4. Christmas

5. Independence day

6. Republic day

7. Miscellaneous Topics

L Television

2. Computer: wonder of science

3. Health is wealth

4. The happiest day of my life

5. City life Versus Village life

6.. The book I like the most

7. Co-education is good or bad ?

8. Which is better a job or a business

9. Railway station

10. An important day in my life

11. Discipline

12. Importance of morning walk

13. Should female go out for working?

14. Life without electricity

15. If I become a rich person, what will I do?

16. Why do you want to learn English?

17. Should boy learn cooking?

18. Good or bad thing about mobile phone

19. Advantages and disadvantage of watching tv

20. You father is your hero?

21. “Something is better than nothing ”

22. “The life is better than a bag of gold”

23. Causes of unemployment in india?

24. Indian railways: Your experience and opinion

25. The biggest mistake of my life

26. The person I love most in my family is……

27. My favourite old movie, why?

28. Who is more supportive a son or a daughter in a family?

29. The priminister of our country

30. Tell something about junk food or Street food

31. The country I would like to visit one day is …….

31. If I were the prime minister of India, what would I do ?

32. Life without electricity

33. Why computer education is important?

34. If I win 5 crore from KBC, how will I spend money?

35. My favourite festival and what we do that day?

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